September 24, 2023

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Now, Caixa allows withdrawals from FGTS with values ​​from R$500;  understand

Now, Caixa allows withdrawals from FGTS with values ​​from R$500; understand

Those who choose the memory method of withdrawing from the Employees Stop Compensation Fund – FGTS can therefore apply for up to three years through a loan granted by Caixa Econômica Federal. The application process can now be done directly through cashier app. The credit line does not analyze the restrictions, because the payment guarantee comes directly from the FGTS balance.

Previously, the minimum loan amount using FGTS in this method was R$2000.00. From now on, Caixa has started releasing the loan with a minimum amount of R$500, in this way, all those who have a balance of more than R$500 in FGTS can apply for the loan.

It is indicated that the higher the number of installments paid in advance, the higher the interest. The monthly interest base is 1.49% and is calculated for the years introduced. Thus, you should calculate, for example, three years in advance with this amount of monthly interest.

For an employee who chooses to receive three years prior to the birthday of withdrawal, the debt will be paid for each equivalent period in the anniversary month. In this case, after hiring. The calculation of the amount that can be borrowed depends on the amount of the birthday of the withdrawal which, therefore, varies according to the balance of the worker in the fund.

When calculating the value of the portion that a worker is entitled to withdraw, simply multiply by the amount of withdrawals you want to make in advance. Thus, the Total benefits It will vary according to the number of months between the withdrawal of accreditation and the anniversary.

The Christmas Withdrawal method became effective in 2019 and a worker who chooses it can take a portion of the FGTS each year in the Christmas month. However, they lose the right to withdraw the entire amount if they are dismissed from work without just cause. The only right to withdraw in these cases will be the 40% termination fine payable upon unfair dismissal.

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