June 22, 2024

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Oi partners with Huawei and announces high-speed FTTR technology

Oi partners with Huawei and announces high-speed FTTR technology

The Hey This Tuesday (14), an event was held in the city of São Paulo, the capital of São Paulo, to showcase the new technologies developed in Partnership with HuaweiChinese electronics manufacturer.

The meeting was attended by CEOs Roberto Ginsberger, Director of Consumer and Business at Oi; Ricardo Drummond Andrade, Director of Technology and Operations at Oi; and Zhefeng Jin, Vice President of Huawei Brazil.

In response to the phone call, the my client He was present at the meeting and brought the news presented at the press conference live.

FTTR: Technology for those looking for speed

As announced during the event, the Oi seeks to expand its operating area in the residential Internet sector with optical fibers Improving FTTH (Fiber to the Home) connectivity—currently used for a new method of high-speed, low-latency fiber—with Fiber to Room (FTTR) access, a tool that seeks to appeal to both residential and commercial (B2B) users.

In addition to providing better speed and internet connection, FTTR technology innovates by transmitting fiber to all rooms of the residence, maintaining the speed contracted through the Oi Fibra plan. Currently, the download and upload speed can be affected depending on the distance between the receiver and the signal transmitter, which is an issue that should not happen with Fiber to the Room.

The initiative comes to Brazil through an exclusive partnership with Huawei, which has been testing Fiber to the Room technology for nearly four years in China, an Asian country that has 400,000 residential and 100,000 commercial customers.

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According to the worker, at this first moment Hello Viber X It is tested in the municipality of Blumenau, in Santa Catarina, with it available on all plans offered by the company without a minimum speed requirement; The project is in experimental development and is not expected to expand to other cities.

The new network has proactive remote support with which the corporate call center can automatically identify operating problems. Although the goal is housing, FTTR must also be submitted to companies (B2B) through the Oi Soluções programme.

Accelerate the demand for data

According to information from Oi, “Oi Fibra” plan customers are showing strong interest in broadband internet plans with speeds over 400Mbps, highlighting the high demand for home office connectivity, streaming and gaming.

In this scenario, the new technology owned by the Chinese giant brings powerful advances to homes (or businesses) that use multi-point connectivity. As Tele highlights, “nova Oi” has a vision to be a leader in fiber optics, and strives to put customers at the center.

Despite the launch of FTTR, the carrier should continue to make progress in expanding the country’s FTTH (fiber to the home) network infrastructure.


“The new Oi is a more flexible and dynamic company and without the need to make huge investments in the mobile network”

Vision: To be a leader in fiber optic delivery with a focus on putting the customer at the center

“Brazilian consumers are increasingly looking for speed to meet the demand for data”

“We are constantly investing in the Brazilian market”

hello viber

  • The broadband revolution in the ‘video age’
  • It was launched in 2008 in Cabo Frio
  • The project was successful with nearly 4 million customers
  • Leadership in 75 cities, including 15 capitals
  • Most of the packages sold have speeds above 400Mbps
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  • Focus on games
  • proactive management
  • The connection continues to work even if the fiber is interrupted using a network
  • Transparent fibers passed through the board
  • There are no huge restrictions
  • Available first in Blumenau SC
  • Blumenau selected by profile
  • Use WiFi 6
  • There is no timetable
  • 59.90 / month in Blumenau