July 19, 2024

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On PS5, PS4 version has better performance

On PS5, PS4 version has better performance

Through analysis by Digital Foundry, it has been confirmed that the PS4 version of elden ring Improved performance on PS5, via backwards compatibility. According to experts, the title can run “more smoothly” compared to the version designed for the same game. PlayStation 5.

The study was carried out after reports shared by analysts and netizens, which indicate that the game has problems with improving frame rates on newer generation consoles. Performance tests indicated difficulties maintaining a stable 60fps, even when performance mode is enabled.

According to Digital Foundry, there are strong indications that failures are occurring on a larger scale only in original next-generation releases. This is because of the media PS4When installed on PS5 via backwards compatibility, it offers “smooth 60fps”, while Sony’s latest console delivers between 45-60fps.

Last Thursday (24), the match received patch 1.02 For control, balancing, and bug fixes, but frame rate drops still persist. Elden Ring is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

Elden ring behind the flaws

Despite the problems, Elden Ring received very positive reviews and reached records on specialized sites. While the FromSoftware title holds a file Note 97 on Metacriticit ranks OpenCritic as the highest rated game in the history of the page. click here To find out more about her.

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