June 12, 2024

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Online mode expansion confirms the true end of the game

Online mode expansion confirms the true end of the game

Grand Theft Auto V It is a game that has always given players a great deal of freedom, allowing everyone to explore its vast open world as they wish. This freedom also applies to the different endings of the story, which can end in three different ways. But now, years later, it has expanded Grand Theft Auto Online Confirm any of these official developer endings (via CB).

GTA V . Finals

In the last mission of the game, Franklin forced to choose the fate of his comrades: as a substitute, Mikhail It ends in death while in the last to die Trevor. But there is a third option, where he manages to reconcile his allies so that no one dies.

This has been considered End of the official story For many fans, as it best complements Franklin’s learning journey through the game, the new game update ends with confirmation that this is the ultimate end for the developers.

What happened to Franklin after GTA V?

expansion cast

in a GTA contract onlineThere is a mission where players, by controlling their avatars, can help Franklin, the hero of the original game. While they’re driving a wagon hitter with a character armed with a shotgun, he talks about meeting one of the filmmakers who work there, referring to Michael, who got that job at the end of GTA V.

Along with the update GTA Online Smuggler’s Run, confirming that Trevor is also alive, we can conclude that the only canonical ending of GTA V is the one in which the three heroes solve their problems and finish well.

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What do you think of this ending of the story? Will we have any reference to the trio in GTA VI? Be sure to comment!

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