May 25, 2024

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Exceeds the Lightelligence Optical Processor RTX 3080 by up to 100 times

Exceeds the Lightelligence Optical Processor RTX 3080 by up to 100 times

The model was developed to solve advanced mathematical problems.

Our home computers can be very powerful for everyday tasks and heavy games, but when it comes to solving rather complex computational tasks, These devices end up not having enough power. For this reason, many companies have been studying new solutions for these jobs, including a start-up company Lightening, who provided their own solution Healer The ophthalmologist who promises to be Up to 100 times faster than home video cards To solve some math problems.

Startup solution is new Healer Optical Computing Engine (Speed), which offers many innovative solutions for heavy-duty work thanks to its perfect combination of optical and electronic elements. work done Speed focus on Photonic integrated circuit (picture), which is able to quickly and efficiently perform processing-intensive matrix multiplication operations.

Thanks to this circuit, the Speed Capable of outperforming home video cards like GeForce RTX 3080, up to 100 times in the NP-complete problem category.

Credits: Lightelligence Disclosure

In ads for the portal Optics and Photonics News, a Lightening You think this is a superior outcome for your therapist to handle Ising model It demonstrates “the advantages of optical computing over traditional models” for solving some problems, especially those related to artificial intelligence.

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Healer Speed count with 12,000 optical devices integrated into a circuit capable of operating at a frequency of up to 1 GHz. As indicated by the portal TechPowerUp, the startup solution proved to be 25 times more efficient than the simulated manifold machine from Toshibawhich serves the same purpose.

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right Now Lightening Getting ready to develop and build the platform Speed A pilot product for AI acceleration with a number of partner companies in the field of finance and cloud computing.


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