June 23, 2024

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Only 1% of people find the six “Y” in a picture: Can you do that?

new Internet Challenge It caused confusion in the minds of many internet users. The goal is quite simple, at least it seems to be. Just find six “Y”s in a picture full of “X”. It may sound easy, but you just have to look at it to understand that the challenge is “thick skin”.

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The challenge was suggested by tiktoker Rana Arshad, who always releases other online quizzes and puzzles for his followers. According to the boy, 99% of people are not able to successfully find the letters “Y”.

“99% of people can’t solve this. Can you find every “Y” in this picture? I’ll give you a hint: there are a total of six!” This is the message the influencer posted on his TikTok profile.

Check where the answers to the challenge are

If you are having trouble finding the hidden letters, the answers can be very simple. In fact, after you locate the “Y” among the other elements, you will never be able to see it again.

The first Y character is located on the first line, instead of the second character. Well, you must have searched many times there, but couldn’t find it before. This is due to the optical illusion effect that mixes the X strokes with the Y strokes. Your eye cannot distinguish the differences between the two letters.

The second Y in the second row is in the ninth position, counting from left to right. Another Y is third from left to right in the fifth row.

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All other Y letters are found in the eighth line, the ninth line, and the eleventh line. ready! Did you find everything? Congratulations, but keep testing your skills with our other attention and perception challenges.