September 24, 2023

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Opinion Questions Documenting Privatization

Opinion Questions Documenting Privatization

The opinion of the attorney for the Public Prosecution of Accounts of the Federation Rodrigo Medeiros de Lima regarding privatization Give Eletrobras Advocacia’s attorneys Elisa Oliveira Alves and Maximiliano Garces of Advocacia question the incomplete documents sent by the authorities involved in the sale of the state-owned company and the price discrepancy in the process, as well as the imposition of customs duties and an environmental impact study. Garcez, who represent the national electric team and other entities.

According to the view that the broadcast had access to it, the Attorney General recommends that the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) “refrain from sending feasibility studies to the Board of Auditors before there is proper formal documentation of the analysis and incorporate contributions received into a public hearing under pain of resumption of the analysis period.” “.

According to the lawyers, the documents were sent separately by MME, BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) and Eletrobras, which makes it difficult to assess the process as a whole. The assessment is that the documents are sent in their entirety, so that the body can express itself.

They reported that last week the prosecutor’s report was sent to the rapporteur of the Eletrobras privatization process within the TCU (Court de Contas da Uniao), Minister Aroldo Cedraz.

Another point in question is the difference in tariffs between the approval for the sale of the company by the National Congress (172.14 R$/MWh) and later approval by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment ($233/MWh), according to the accompanying lawyers. Privatization of Eletrobras by the National Electricity Rally.

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The lawyers told Broadcast that “documents sent by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment are very insufficient and vague to know the market value of Eletrobras, and there is still question about the price of megawatts,” and assessed that the requests, if confirmed by the TCU plenary, could delay the scheduled privatization in the first half of 2022.