May 24, 2024

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Ortega regime police harass after arrest of family of former Sandinista guerrilla vector Hugo Dino

After Monday Former Nicaraguan Vice President Vector Hugo Dino has been arrested Under the charge of “inciting foreign interference in internal affairs” and “soliciting military intervention” against the Santinista government Daniel Ortega, Nicaraguan Police One of his daughters raided the leader’s house where his grandmother lived.

In a video that went viral on social networks, Christian Dinoco, Suffering Cancer, “National Police Vector Hugo presents Dino Fonseka and the Dino Pararels family home right now. Here we are only women ”.

Please ask for help, we have done nothing wrong, we are insecure women!He added in a video that quickly spread on social networks.

On Monday, after the arrest of former Viceroy Dino, he denounced his daughter as his father through audio sent to reporters. “Abducted by persons not in the National Police” When I was in a shopping center in Managua.

Former Nicaraguan Vice Chancellor Vector Hugo Dinoco

According to his version, it was the public who detained and forcibly loaded his father into an unofficial van at 9:00 pm (Monday 03:00 GMT), and “We don’t know where they took him.” “Nicaragua is enjoying a dictatorship. We ask the international community for help. This can no longer be allowed. This is an outrage, ”he shouted.

Dinoco “Stimulate foreign intervention in internal affairs“Y”Demand military interventionAccording to Nicaraguan police this Sunday, Santinista is against the government of Daniel Ortega.

Dinoco, who was an aide during the first Santinista government (1979-1990), is being investigated like other protesters, police said in a statement. “To commit acts that undermine freedom, sovereignty and self-determination, to provoke foreign intervention in internal affairs and to demand military intervention.”

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Further “Propose and manage blockades of economic, commercial and financial activities against the country and its institutions, with financial assistance from foreign powers to carry out acts of terrorism and instability”.

Further, “Demand and praise the imposition of sanctions on the Nicaraguan government and its citizens, And hurt the highest interests of the country, ”the police said.

Dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega.
Dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega.

Dinoco, 68, was arrested Sunday night in the parking lot of a Managua shopping center. “About 10 Hood and Civilian Men” He was taken away in a vehicle, described by one of his daughters who witnessed the capture. A few minutes later, police released a statement confirming the arrest.

With Dinoco Fourteen opposition leaders have been detained since June 2, including four candidates for the November 7 presidential election.

The weekend saw the biggest arrests when police detained six leaders of the opposition movement Unamos, also known as the Sandinista Renewal Movement (MRS), including former guerrillas Dinoco. Dora Maria Dallas Y Hugo Torres And three female leaders from Unamos.

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