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Partial result indicating who left today

Partial result indicating who left today

The cast of Fazenda 2021 is on the verge of losing another participant and the competition for 1.5 million Brazilian reals will become even fiercer, because the final of reality is near. Eliminations are scheduled for Thursday night (02), but a perfect example of those leaving today is already possible with part of the UOL a Fazenda 2021 poll.

UOL A Fazenda 2021 Poll: Who is leaving today?

According to a 2021 Farm poll at UOL, Dayane Mello is the one who left confinement today, December 2. Among all the responses from Internet users to the question “Who do you want to be on the reality show?” Dayan received just 17.22% of the vote, assuming the country’s least preferred position of the week.

Solange Gomez and Marina Ferrari faced an 11th elimination from the program and ended up in the hot seat this week after Rico Melquiades pulled from the booth who was the most voted on formation night in the country, but escaped the vote by winning the Proof of Farmer.

If the partial result of the 2021 UOL A Fazenda poll is confirmed and Dayane’s departure is announced today, the model will have participated in four nights of elimination and will leave reality after a path of ups and downs and a war with Rico.

In terms of this week’s partial takedown percentages, Solange Gomes is the audience’s favorite participant. The person, who is best known as one of the Gugu bathtub inspirers, got 41.47% of the vote. Thus, Sol has been identified as the participant who faces the least risk of leaving Fazenda 2021 this week.

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However, Marina Ferrari is not far behind. The influencer, who is participating in her first night of disqualification, is practically connected to Solange and received 41.31% of the vote. If part of UOL’s 2021 Fazenda poll is confirmed, tonight’s scenario will be as follows:

Solange Gomez: Salvador is the most popular in the country.

Marina Ferrari: Saves as the second most popular in the poll.

Diane Melo: Eliminated with the fewest votes.

vote NA survey Who should leave?

Official voting takes place in R7

Despite the large number of votes it receives weekly, the UOL poll on who is leaving their 2021 farm today is just an indication of how widespread public opinion was at the time. This means that the votes are not officially counted, as votes for revocation are taken on R7, Record TV’s official website.

To participate, simply access www.r7.com, search for the Farm 2021 tab and select a voting location. After that, just choose your favorite poster and click on the image option. Confirmation that the vote has been counted should be displayed at the end of the process, which can be repeated many times and does not require registration.

Photo: clone / R7

The excluded participant will be announced live during the program on Thursday (2). Fazenda 2021 will be broadcast on Record TV and PlayPlus at 10:45 PM (Brasilia time).