September 22, 2023

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Participant 'will not proceed' with harassment report

Participant ‘will not proceed’ with harassment report

The thirteenth episode of the program reality The movie “Tunnel of Love” featured the disqualification of contestant Alan Boone. He and his friend, Leonardo Kayfer, left the program afterwards Myra Labanca reports Alan’s harassment after a party.

The program did not show the moment when Alan and Leonardo left the houses of Graphite and Solar, respectively. Marcus Millon spoke with the residents of Graphite to inform the decision.

“We received a report that a participant exceeded personal limits on a certain date. Participants in this type of report cannot continue with the program. […] Our position will always be transparent and harmonious. “We will never accept that someone crosses the next,” said the presenter.

“I don’t want to go forward”

The women of the Graphite House spoke to Myra after Alan’s elimination was announced. The participant explained what happened.

“I didn’t speak up right away because, for the first time, I felt what a lot of women feel in this kind of situation. I blamed myself, and I thought I committed the violation through drunkenness. Out of tolerance,” Mayra explained.

“It’s a very serious matter,” said Carla Moraes, “but I would never doubt you. I’ve been through it.” Vanessa Dias, Darlene Campos and Luana Sundal supported Myra and expressed their regret over what happened.

In the sequence about the harassment report, Mayra added, “I really can’t hold the tide. I don’t want to end his life and I don’t want to go any further.”

The scenes were actually shown last Tuesday (11). in contact with splashMultishow asserted that, in response to the wishes of those involved, he decided to show the alleged harassment without interruption.

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“Climaw pie”

Discussions remained constant between the pair formed by Duda Zandunay and Pedro Salles. Bad weather became a topic among other participants in the solar house.

Brenda Monique said Pedro, who is usually close to Andressa Gill, is manipulating her classmate. “Don’t let a man do less than you deserve. […] And he saw that you are seen as a ‘piranha’ and seen as an oppressed stallion of Taobati.”

“It’s turned into a climate pie,” Duda said on the topic of gaining consistency in the home. “Everyone is cranky.” “I’ve already said that she needs to stop listening to what they say. The girls talk to her, but they don’t come to me to talk,” Pedro said.

Participants from both councils chose two people for the exclusion dynamic. Pedro Salles and Duda Zandunay were chosen by Casa Solar. In Grafite, Maíra Labanca and Carla Moraes were chosen by their colleagues. The result will be announced in the fourteenth episode of the season.