September 29, 2023

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"I was surprised by the transformation"

“I was surprised by the transformation”


The two haven’t talked in two years and got back together recently.

The singer's father passed away last Wednesday at the age of 11.  Photo: Reproduction / Linn da Quebrada's official Instagram
The singer’s father passed away last Wednesday at the age of 11. Photo: Reproduction / Linn da Quebrada’s official Instagram

One of the most notable releases of the latest version of Big Brother BrazilThe actress and singer Lyn da Quebrada He lost his father last Wednesday (11). Lino Beria suffered a heart attack and died. Now, the former BBB 22 has given more details about her conversation with her dad and has revealed that the two have not spoken in years.

According to the actress, they reconnected before she was limited to the Globo reality show. Lin said the two had a very good conversation. He told me, “He has told me a lot about faith, spirituality, descent and his relationship to an umbanda. I want to keep that in memory, about faith in the mystery, and confidence, as well as his smile and appreciation for life.” AlUla magazine.

According to Lina, her father was surprised by her transformation and revealed a letter after her participation in BBB 22. “He was open to me and surprised by the transformation, he said how beautiful I was. After I left BBB, he congratulated me for telling my story.. that’s what he kept with me.. his presence, his faith and his smile” .

The actress says that she has always lived with her mother, and therefore lived apart from her father for years. It was the last time they saw each other even before the former BBB completed her gender transition. “He was a fun and hard-working person,” he recalls. Lin da Quebrada said their relationship, however, has been improving recently:

“My relationship with my father had been close for some time. I had been with him in a house in Mongaguá years ago. He told me what happened when we broke up, we would introduce ourselves, and say what we had been living together to another.”