June 16, 2024

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Patricia Abravanel gives two messages about Silvio Santos' succession

Patricia Abravanel gives two messages about Silvio Santos’ succession

Without Silvio Santos available to record and with re-recording for bad audiences, SBT chose Patrícia Abravanel to replace her father in charge of the Sunday (third) program. She delivered two important messages at the opening of the program: 1. “Silvio Santos has not retired.” 2. You will be the official substitute when the father cannot register.

Silvio Santos has not retired. Will be back, yes. He loves you guys, but when he’s like that, you know, he’ll send me here every now and then. Fine? It is a great responsibility, and I take it with great joy and honor of course. But I want to make it clear to all my co-workers, who have been following Silvio Santos for many years, that I will not replace him, because he is irreplaceable. Here I simply obey. He told me to come here today.”

Emerging as Silvio Santos’ replacement is a huge burden for any presenter. Even Celso Portioli or Eliana, if we mention a couple of veterans who could catch up to this role, would feel responsible.

About Patricia, in addition to her simple experience, the fact that she is the owner’s daughter is still heavy – there will always be those who say that she is in this place only because of her family connection. But she seemed comfortable and relaxed in this role.

See below his speech at the opening of the programme:

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