May 30, 2024

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The man claims to have seen Brian Laundry, Gabi Pettito's fiancé on the road

The man claims to have seen Brian Laundry, Gabi Pettito’s fiancé on the road

A man claimed to have seen and spoken to someone he believed to be Brian Laundry, Gabi Pettito’s fiancé – An influential figure who was mysteriously found dead in the United States – In Appalachian Road, Tennessee, near the North Carolina border.

The meeting was to take place on Saturday around 12:30 p.m. and Laundry would be driving a white pickup truck.

Dennis Davis spoke to Fox News. At first, he said he didn’t think the driver might be the suspect in the influencer’s death, who’s free. However, after the meeting, he searched for photos of Laundry and called the police and the FBI.

“There is no doubt about it,” he said. “I was speaking with Brian Laundry. 100%. I have no doubt.”

Davis, a climber, says he accidentally passed a parking lot near the driveway and was about to turn when a vehicle approached and flashed its headlights, indicating he could complete the turn.

“I parked next to the car, rolled out my window and started talking to the guy. I immediately realized something wasn’t right for him.”

At first, he thought the driver was drugged, but after thinking about it, Davis said the man “looked mentally confused.”

Then the driver told Davis that he got lost and that he was trying to get to California after a fight with his girlfriend.

‘He said, ‘My girlfriend and I had a fight, and I love her man and she called me and I need to go to California to see her.’ Then Davis advised the driver which way to go.

According to Fox News, so far, neither the FBI nor the police have contacted the climber.

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Both Laundry and Gabi are alleged to have walked parts of the Appalachian Trail. In March, the influencer shared a photo on Instagram with a tag for the track in Georgia.

Gabe’s body was found in a national forest in Wyoming on September 19, USA. The digital influencer and her fiancé were on a bus trip across the country, but stopped calling her family members at the end of August.

Before disappearance and post-confirmation of deathAnd Gabi admitted in a video that she was assaulted by her fiancé.