May 25, 2024

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Patricia Abravanel says Silvio Santos won Covid-19

Patricia Abravanel says Silvio Santos won Covid-19

Patricia Abravanel, daughter of Silvio Santos, has stated that he has won Covid-19. The presenter and owner of the SBT was hospitalized with illness last week, until he began performing the treatment at his home. The information was released on Thursday morning, 19, during the “Vem Pra Cá” program.

Credit: Reproduction / Instagram @patriciaabravanelPatricia Abravanel says Silvio Santos won Covid-19

‘Silvio Santos beats coronavirus,’ celebrated the presenter, who said the 90-year-old dad doesn’t have a date to go back to recordings a program.

Patricia confirmed that the decision to leave the hospital was Silvio’s: “He said ‘I don’t stay here, where are my clothes?'” “.

Together with Sister Daniela, GILRS They lied to the caller, claiming they had no driver, but he insisted on the idea. “He’s starting to go crazy. [Começou a dizer] “I will get out of here,” he said, “I will inform you.”

Silvio then removed the electrodes from his body, put his clothes on, and left the hospital.

“He drew his strength from that I don’t know where to get out of there. When he got into the car, he said, ‘Look, a soldier doesn’t give up in the heat of a fight, and I felt if I stayed in the hospital I would have given up on this fight,'” he says.

Patricia says the father has been monitored by two nursing professionals at home. “Yesterday we had important news, all his exams are getting better. It is as if the virus has already defeated his body. Sunday, we will most likely witness his complete victory over this virus,” the presenter celebrated.

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She revealed that all the family members were very afraid of the situation and decided to hide the information that Tarcisio Mera had died as a victim of the virus from Silvio.

“When we found out it was Covid, exactly in the same place where Tarcisio died, we were very scared. It gave me a general panic. We didn’t want my father to know, so he wouldn’t panic.”