May 25, 2024

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Paula Oliveira opened the game with an emotional message to Diogo Nogueira in “Super Dança dos Famosos”; paying off!

Maybe do it live! Kkkk yesterday (15), Paula Oliveira put on a real show on stage”Super celebrity dance”, and secured a place in the gravity final alongside his mentor, Leandro Azevedo. In addition to Bavonian choreographies, The audience was very attentive when the actress specially dedicated her “Hurricane”. In an interview with Gshow, released on Monday (16), Paula confirmed that at the time she was referring to her boyfriend, a samba dancer. Diogo NogueiraHe revealed why he made an unexpected statement.

Shortly after introducing the choreography to the tango, Oliveira said live: “My dance for a very special person, a hurricaneFor the publication, the artist said that the moment was very spontaneous, and it came in handy with all that the rhythm represents. “We have a few moments like this to applaud. Since it was a semi-final, I took the opportunity to do it. Another very emotional, full of life and very exciting dance”, resident.

Earlier this month, the singer gave an interview to O Globo newspaper, and also called his sweetheart a “hurricane.” In chatting with Gshow, the actress said if she thought Diogo liked the statement, too. “You should be enjoying it, yes you are.”, He said. And did not miss! On Instagram, Sambista was super excited and revealed yet another affectionate nickname given to Paula when congratulating her on the arrangement. “You ruined a lot, Flower Kana.”, joint.

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Diogo Nogueira celebrated Paula’s review with a nice comment. Photo: reproduction

at the end of July, The couple confirmed exclusively to that they really were together.We are happy and appreciative of all the vibrations and expressions of affection, “ Celebrate the statement. In an interview with the Ela section of O Globo newspaper, Paula gave more details about the relationship and how she saw the implications for people.

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“A crowd in the audience surprised me. I, who had always tried to protect my relationships, suddenly found myself in this situation. But it’s good, it’s light. Good dates are for life. If I can say anything, I’m lucky enough to get to know Digo more closely.” He has a tremendous light, strong and powerful. It’s so fortunate to be able to be next to someone I’ve heard who’s really cool, and when he gets close, it’s all and more. I’m lucky.”, announced.