June 16, 2024

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Vera Magalhães e Martinho da Vila

Vera Magalhães embarrasses Martino da Villa with a question about the militias and explodes in the networks

After Roda Viva, Vera Magalhaes went to the net to brag about the unnecessary question. Tonico, the son of Martino da Villa, commented. “Respect my father’s story. He cultivates our Africanness. He does not sow hatred, militias and murder like Marielle’s.”

Forum portal- Roda Viva presenter Vera Magalhães has returned to the top of the most talked-about topic on Twitter after embarrassing samba artist Martinho da Vila with a question about an alleged connection between samba schools and militias during the program’s broadcast on Monday night (16).

Showing little knowledge about the history of samba and especially about the biography of the singer, composer and one of the greatest scholars of African culture in Brazil, Vera was adamant about asking for a position from this “politician Martino, who does this political analysis” in the samba schools – “which was always related to the game of animals – “The militias are interspersed.”

Embarrassed, Martino smiles when he says that “the animal game was invented in Villa Isabel” and says he “has no news of the militia running the Samba School”. Vera, citing the name, insists there is an alleged link between Adriano da Nobrega, the militia member linked to the Bolsonaro clan who was killed in February 2020, with Villa Isabel.

On the networks, the anchor boasted that “Martino da Villa lost the conversation when I asked about the latest infiltration of the samba schools in Rio by militias,” she tweeted. “This is a taboo subject that samba dancers must confront,” he added.

The tweet was refuted by Martinho’s son, Tonico da Villa, who said his father “didn’t change the conversation…he didn’t want to talk because it’s really an unnecessary and disrespectful topic with him…that’s it….nothing more.”

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The position of the journalist was rejected by Internet users on the networks.

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