May 30, 2024

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PayPal R $50 Offer Removes Online Gaming Site

PayPal R $50 Offer Removes Online Gaming Site

Surely you must have received in one or more Groups and not WhatsApp PayPal link showing R$50 for making purchases with the payment app. Although it is a real promotion, the benefit is already for the “victims”, such as the digital toy store Nuuvem that is facing Instability.

The store was one of the most popular places for those who took advantage of the PayPal promotion to spend R$50, which caused the number of servers to drop, but it lasted for a short time. In a quick test done by digital look, we found that the site already operate normally.

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Coupons are already sold out

The PayPal promotion consists of providing discount coupons for 50 BRL on purchases using the payment platform. The offer will be valid until December 31 and is redeemable for a limited number of PayPal account holders in Brazil.

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The use of the discount has some rules, such as prohibiting transfers, withdrawals or exchanges for coupons or other discount products or services. In addition, merchants must accept real payments, as the coupon cannot be used for purchases in other currencies.

Where do you use coupons?

Big stores like Netshoes and Dell do not accept payments via PayPal Credits coupons: RossiAgung / Shutterstock

Some big stores like window And Dell does not accept participation in the offer and does not accept PayPal coupons of R$50, other stores have raised payment restrictions, but this can only be confirmed at the time of purchase.

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Some major stores such as Xbox, Facebook, Banggood, Rappi, Casas Bahia, Uber, 99 and accept the promotion. This can be very useful for Spider-Man fans who didn’t believe in a place to watch new webhead movie This premiere this weekend.

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