May 18, 2024

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WhatsApp update lets you listen to audio before sending

WhatsApp update lets you listen to audio before sending

The new Whatsapp function allows you to reduce the chances of making mistakes when sending audios (Photo: Talita de Souza/CB)

Who has never sent a voice message on WhatsApp and later realized that the content was wrong or even regretted recording it? A new feature made possible by Mark Zuckerberg can help avoid these situations: it is now possible to pause and listen to the audio before sending it to the recipient. The news was announced on Tuesday (12/14) and is already available to some people.

According to WhatsApp, it is also possible to pause the recording to continue at another time. To use the new features, I need to activate the Hands-Free mode: just tap the microphone icon, hold it and move it up until the ‘Lock’ icon is activated.

After that, the sound will be recorded, while the trash icons – to delete the sound – and the pause icon – a ball inside a circle – are available to the user. This last code, which when activated, will pause the audio and allow the recording to be heard before it is sent.

The functionality is available for some people, but it usually takes a few days for the app to be updated for all users. See step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial on how to use the new functionality below.

Step by step to record, pause and listen to audio before sending it:

1. In the conversation you want to send the message with audio, click the microphone icon in the right corner of the screen and move it up;

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2. When you see the lock icon, release your finger from the screen and start saying the message you want to send. It is not necessary to keep pressing the cone;

3. If your app is already up to date, a ball inside a circle, which forms the ‘Pause’ icon, will appear in the middle of the recording space, between the trash, which is in the left corner, and the submit arrow, in the right corner.

4. To listen to the recorded audio, just tap on this icon. The audio will load and you can click the play icon to listen to the recording.

5. If you want to ignore the message, click the trash can. If you want to send, tap the blue arrow.