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Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: Posters indicate more details after the cell phone was photographed in the actual Google Store

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: Posters indicate more details after the cell phone was photographed in the actual Google Store

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We saw a few days ago Google Pixel 6 revealed as a pre-launch in the physical Google Store And even some stickers. Today we have more sample Google Ad Actions, this time featuring more about Pixel 6 Pro. Photographs by David Urbanki.

In total we see 4 photos where it is possible to compare some details about the screen used in both Google Pixel 6 Same as the Pixel 6 Pro, which should have a 6.7-inch curved screen. The standard model should be 6.4 inches, but without curves on the sides, as you can see from the vertical edges.

Another difference of the Pixel 6 from the Pixel 6 Pro is the colored aluminum frame, which is only seen on the most powerful model, while the model has a black frame, which blends better with the edge of the screen.

In any case, details about the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are still very scant, as Google only focused on the new Tensor processor when announcing the device. The main difference between the two models will be the zoom sensor with 4x zoom and the larger screen, which will be a 120Hz curve on the Pixel 6 Pro and a straight 90Hz on the Pixel 6.

We expect more details in October, as both should finally sell out in select markets.

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last Wednesday (15) google browser Posted on YouTube a Unusual campaign She replaces her new Pixel smartphones with a bundle of chips To provide Tensor, a new proprietary processor developed by the company The following devices will be equipped.

In addition to this announcement, the Mountain View giant continues to work to get its customers to buy one of the upcoming devices, especially in the US, which this week began putting out several outdoor ads featuring smartphones.

Potato Chips?!  Google Lan

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Google Photos receives updates

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It is expected to be released in October with Android 12The new Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are gaining prominence around the world, especially in North America, where the manufacturer continues marketing campaigns in order to promote the devices even without launching them.

This week Google View both versions in NYC StoreHowever, despite their exposure, they cannot be touched or tested for their new functionality, as they can only be thought about creating smartphones and learn more by scanning a QR code that directs the user to an official page with details.

US Marketing

In addition to TV ads and unusual campaigns, the company is also promoting its new smartphones through in the fresh air Spreading across the US, it revealed the design of the new generation Pixel 6 and 6 Pro and highlighted the novelties of Material You, a feature introduced a few months ago that is supposed to further personalize Android 12.

According to information from photographer David Urbanki, in the fresh air It can be seen in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is expected that Google will continue to announce its new line of phones, especially the Pro variant, which has gained more popularity in advertisements and advertisements.

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Are you looking forward to the Pixel 6 Pro officially arriving? Do you want to invest in this line of Google? Tell us, comment!