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iOS 15 arrives on iPhones Monday;  Find out which devices are supported |  Technique

iOS 15 arrives on iPhones Monday; Find out which devices are supported | Technique

a An apple Released on Monday (20) iOS 15A new version of the operating system used on the iPhone.

Among the main new features are changes to notifications, the option to create different screens for work and personal use, as well as the ability to copy text from images (see details below).

The update arrives gradually throughout the day. Thus not everyone will be able to install in the first few hours.

When it is available, a notification about the update will appear. It is possible to manually check the availability by going to “Settings”, selecting the “General” and “Software Updates” option.

See compatible devices:

  • iPhone 6s NS 6s more (launched in 2015);
  • iPhone SE (2016);
  • iPhone 7 NS 7 plus (2016);
  • iPhone 8 NS 8 plus (2017);
  • iPhone X (2017);
  • iPhone XR (2018);
  • iPhone XS NS XS Max (2018);
  • iPhone 11And 11 Pro NS 11 Pro Max (2019);
  • The second generation of iPhone SE (2020);
  • iPhone 12And 12 miniAnd 12 ProAnd 12 Pro Max (2020);
  • iPhone 13And 13 miniAnd 13 ProAnd 13 Pro Max (2021).

Some features will only work on iPhones released after 2018, such as iPhone XR or later, including Live Text mode. See details:

iOS 15 notifications have been redesigned: they will now display images of the sender and larger app icons.

iOS 15 notification system. What’s new – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

Focus mode is Apple’s attempt to reduce distractions according to the time of day. It will work as a kind of “use profile”: it will be possible to configure the work mode and the personal mode, for example.

When switching between profiles, the phone will block notifications from certain apps and give priority to others.

Focus mode in iOS 15. – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

The home screen can also be customized, with apps running on the front page during business hours, for example.

iOS will automatically suggest a focus mode based on your personal work and sleep times. The selected usage profile can be synced across all Apple devices.

FaceTime, Apple’s video calling service, will become more open: Windows or Android users will be able to join the calls. Until now, the tool was limited to those who owned the company’s products.

FaceTime will be available through the browser on Windows and Android. – Photo: clone

Users of iPhone or other Apple devices will be able to send the connection link to other participants, as is already done with tools like Google Meet and Zoom.

FaceTime will also have options to improve audio quality and blur image background, but only on the latest iPhone models, released from 2018 onwards.

Apple Calls has also acquired SharePlay, which will allow you to watch series and videos simultaneously with friends who also have an iPhone (or iPad or Mac). Anyone watching can pause, fast forward, or rewind and the other participant will sync.

iOS 15 has gained artificial intelligence features similar to those of Google Lens, a competitor app.

When accessing photos on your camera roll, you can tap and hold on an object to get information such as a dog’s breed or the location of an institution. This feature will also allow you to copy handwritten text from the image.

The tool on iOS 15 will allow you to copy text from an image. – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

from here It will only be available on newer iPhone models, starting with the XR, released in 2018.

  • Safari browser will release a new look;
  • The Notes app will allow you to create hashtags for categories and tag other users;
  • The Photos app has a new interface and integration with Apple Music to automatically create video clips with collages;
  • The email app will get privacy protection to hide your IP address and location, as well as block services that notify you if a user has opened a message;
  • Apple Maps will have a redesigned interface with a new night mode;
  • App Privacy Report, which will show how each app accesses information, data, and sensors such as the camera and microphone;
  • Siri, the system’s voice assistant, will process all the information locally, which Apple says will make it more flexible;
  • iCloud has gained an “inheritance” feature, in which it will be possible to select a contact who may request access to your data.
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