June 12, 2024

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Powerful duo: Cartolouco 'crazy', breaks script and denies MC Gui's father: 'I would never say that'

Powerful duo: Cartolouco ‘crazy’, breaks script and denies MC Gui’s father: ‘I would never say that’


Ruggiero and Baronesa said the influencer unleashed infractions on Gustavo, who died in mid-2014.

Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo
Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

yesterday (Thursday 2) strong couple Another breathtaking night and, with 15.63% of sounds, crazy And the gaby been eliminated. the athlete He won a strong rejection after, after RogerioCamel MC GUIexpose a crime against Gustavohis son, who died in mid-2014. Of course, the report was passed by the presenters Lucas Sylvie And the Lady Lisbon.

“Speak of Gustavo, of my son who passed away. He touched a wound that will never heal in my life.”He said RogerioAfter leaving the program. then, Baroness accomplishment: He said: Your son is gone because you are an aggressor.. The video, as everyone expected, was shown to the spouses. crazy Unexpected reaction and “go crazy”.

Previous-Globe Kicked and busted the script, as well as denied the charge: “It wasn’t taken over, because it didn’t exist! I wouldn’t say it. I was a friend of Gui. I wouldn’t say it! I wouldn’t say it! We get punished for something we didn’t say that wasn’t there”. Then he got angry with himself. TV recordManagers demand a more assertive stance.

“How can you not talk about this? You hurt the people inside! We never talked about Ruggiero’s son. All that was said about the game. Your role is to explain whether it exists or not.”Been completed. gaby He was also annoyed and cursed, still in disbelief Rogerio: “It was filthy, low and disgusting. It just showed what it was.”.