May 26, 2024

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Products that were very successful, but failed quickly

Products that were very successful, but failed quickly

In the same way that a product can appear and explode in the market, it can also disappear, as quickly as it appeared, and this can happen with any brand, in any industry.

In this sense, today we will make you remember some products that worked, but failed quickly. paying off!

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Success may be short-lived

The reasons why some companies stop their activities are often not clear. In general, product quality and competition are the factors that lead to the failure of a company. This can happen with any commodity nowadays and in all sectors, as competitiveness is high.

Products that were successful but failed quickly

1. Ringo cookie

Building on the huge success of Beto Carrero World, the Bauducco brand launched, in the early 1990s, Ringo biscuits. The difference to the product was that it came in a box, something that was later imitated by other brands.

Marketing was strong at the time, however, and the arrival of new, cheaper cookies on the market in 1995 led to Ringo’s loss and eventual discontinuation.

2. Samoa sandal

The brand appeared to compete with giants in the world of sandals, such as Havaianas and Rider, at the end of the eighties. In this sense, they invested heavily in commercials with celebrities and used the theme of the 88 Olympics. Mid-90s and disappeared.

3. Ping Pong Gum

Ping pong gum was very cheap, a little hard (there is a jaw), but consistent and very good to chew. In addition, they were accompanied by collectible figurines. However, his end was due to the expansion of the market, as other brands began to grow, such as Big Big and Babalu.

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4. Suppligen syrup

Nesco or Tody? In the dispute between these brands, Supligen appeared in the 90s, the difference of which was that, instead of milk, it was prepared with water. However, the drink did not last long on the market, as its ingredients increased the value of the product, and it was soon discontinued in Brazil.