June 21, 2024

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PS5 sold 12.8 million, Xbox Series 6.7 million • Eurogamer.pt

PS5 sold 12.8 million, Xbox Series 6.7 million • Eurogamer.pt

The latest data shows that the Sony console sells for twice that price.

company of analysts amp data It unveiled its latest data on the video game industry, specifically sales of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s.

The data places the PlayStation 5 with 12.8 million units sold as of September 2021, versus 6.7 million for the Xbox series (via gaming industry). Both units recently completed a year, and given this data, the Sony console sells for nearly double that price.

Looking deeper into Xbox Series data, Ampere data reveals that Xbox Series S (cheaper and digital exclusive) outperform Xbox Series X sales in major markets.

As a result, video game sales for Xbox Series consoles are mostly digital. Ampere data shows that over 90% of Call of Duty: Vanguard sales on Xbox are digital.

The worldwide shortage of Xbox Series X inventory may also contribute to the success of the Xbox Series S. The cheaper, less powerful version is easy to find in stores.

Other interesting information coming from Ampere regarding PS4 data. Initially, prior to the release of the PS5, the console was reasonably expected to continue selling, however, sales fell dramatically.

As such, it’s unlikely that the PS4 will be able to remain popular as long as the PS2 (which went on selling long after the PS3 launch).

Ampere estimates that the PS5 will end in 2021 with 17.9 million units sold. The forecast for the Xbox series is 13.5 million units.

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