June 23, 2024

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PS5: Sony's Spartacus Game Pass may be announced next week |  Play Station

PS5: Sony’s Spartacus Game Pass may be announced next week | Play Station

PlayStation 4 Subscription Service (PS4(and PlayStation 5)PS5), which has the codename Spartacus, may be announced next week, according to the news network Bloomberg. According to anonymous sources, journalists Jason Schreyer and Takashi Mochizuki gave an interview to a similar service Xbox Game Pass It will arrive with some kind of cross between the current PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) and broadcast service Playstation now, which is not available in Brazil. The launch is rumored to happen between March and May 2022.

Playstation 5 (PS5) and PS4 may have a competing subscription service Xbox Game Pass announced next week – Photo: Rubens Achilles/TechTudo

The new Spartacus subscription service will reportedly be offered to players in various packages. one similar to PS Plus Current, another level with access to a range of modern games, a third level with extended demos, and classic games from PS1And the PS2And the PS3 And the PSPin addition to playing games such as Xbox Cloud Games.

The main difference in the service compared to Xbox Game Pass is that it will not include game editions. In this way, the long-awaited games like God of War: Ragnarok It may not be available on subscription. At the moment, a file is available Sony The information has not yet been confirmed.

The new service from Sony It will be in response to Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft. The competitor offers more than 100 games for Xbox OneAnd the Xbox Xbox X And the Xbox S With a monthly subscription starting from 29.99 BRL. The service currently has 25 million subscribers, and one of its main advantages is to receive launches at no additional cost, such as Microsoft Flight SimulatorAnd the Forza Horizon 5 And the infinite aura.

The PS Plus It is a service that enables online multiplayer in PlayStation 4 games (PS4(and PlayStation 5)PS5), as well as offering free monthly games that can be redeemed on your account and played on consoles while the subscription is active. Already Playstation now It is a game streaming service with some old PlayStation 4 games (PS4), as well as PlayStation 3 classics (PS3) and PlayStation 2 (PS2). Since PS Now is not available in Brazil, there is doubt as to whether the streaming capabilities of Spartacus will be available in the country.

with information from Bloomberg