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Queiroga may announce a review of the epidemiological situation - 16/04/2022 - Equilíbrio e Saúde

Queiroga may announce a review of the epidemiological situation – 16/04/2022 – Equilíbrio e Saúde

The Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga, The national radio and television network held Sunday night (17) at 8:30 p.m. and, according to those who are following the discussions, should announce that the country is already in the necessary conditions for a state of emergency due to the Covid epidemic can be reviewed.

The so-called Espin (Public Health Emergency of National Importance) supports the emergency use of vaccines, no-bid procurement and other rules related to the pandemic.

In the Ministry of Health alone, 170 bases can be affected by the end of the health emergency.

Among the most sensitive of these is authorization for the emergency use of vaccines and medicines. However, people who have worked on this say they are studying a way to do no harm by using Coronavac, which has an emergency clearance.

The Pfizer, Janssen and AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccines are already final registration and will not suffer any effect by the end of the health emergency.

At the end of March, Vol Finalize the document that will be handed over to the Minister so that he can make a decision on a possible review in an emergency situation. In it, epidemiological data, from the SUS Care Network and the criteria that would be affected by the decision were considered.

SUS managers say they are not against the end of the health emergency as a result of The number of deaths and cases of Covid-19 in the country decreased.

However, they are trying to convince the Ministry of Health that after publication, the Espen deadline will be extended by 90 days, so that there is time to carry out the transition and monitor conditions. In addition, they propose a plan for reporting risks and Back to normal life plan.

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This plan should have three main axes: control indicators (determining the rate of new cases and hospitalizations that may pose a risk to the area), and integrated, said Nisio Fernandez, president of CUNAs (the state’s National Council of Health Ministers). Monitoring between cases of Covid-19 and influenza (at this point they ask to be Covid-19 Vaccine to be integrated into the national immunization program) and assessment of state capacity to assist long covid cases And other conditions that put pressure on the health service.

distance Promising to declare the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, Assignment that only belongs to the World Health Organization (WHO), Quiroga has modified the letter and continued to work on preparations for the shutdown of Espin, dated February 2020.

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who throughout the pandemic has stimulated attitudes of denial and contrary to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, It leads to pressure on the country to get out of the exceptional situation as quickly as possible due to the epidemic.

“Starting from the beginning of next month, with the decision of the Minister of Health to put an end to the epidemic, we must return to normal life in Brazil,” Bolsonaro said in mid-March.

Quiroga and Bolsonaro even promised to end the epidemic in Brazil and declared Covid-19 to be endemic.

The plan was to reinforce the version that the government has overcome the health crisis, as well as discourage the use of masks and other preventive measures against the virus.

as shown a sheetMinister Quiroga modified his speech when he was alerted by his aides that he did not have the strength to end the pandemic. The minister only manages to cancel ESPIN. This will be the main way to ease restrictions on Corona virus disease.

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the health Then he started aiming to abolish the rules Which are considered unnecessary at this time, as Covid cases and deaths are decreasing, such as restricting the export of medicines, oxygen and other health materials.