June 22, 2024

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Rádio Atlântida suspends programming in honor of reporter Magro Lima who was killed by Covid in Porto Alegre |  Rio Grande do Sul

Rádio Atlântida suspends programming in honor of reporter Magro Lima who was killed by Covid in Porto Alegre | Rio Grande do Sul

The caller was Marco Lazarotto, better known as Magro Lima, who… Died this Sunday (22) due to Covid-19, was honored by Rádio Atlântida, of Porto Alegre, on Monday (23). The station where the presenter works, did not broadcast its usual daytime schedule.

Attractions such as basic black, for which Magro Lima was a producer and a member of The Gathering, has not been released. At other times, programming was for music, without the participation of broadcasters.

“By understanding that we are a vehicle for joy, […] As a sign of respect for our friend and colleague Majro Lima, let’s keep our voices up. Atlantis’ schedule on Monday will be music only. We come back on Tuesday. thanks for understanding! ”, wrote the station on social networks.

On Twitter, the program’s profile basic black He published a cartoon in honor of Marco. see below

The body of the caller was veiled on Monday morning. Marco Lazzarotto was married to Dr. Lisangela Pressler and father to Fernando, who will turn six in October.

Tribute to contact man Marco Lazarotto, better known as Magro Lima – Photo: clone / Twitter

Earlier this year, Magro Lima told a radio audience that he was facing a neurological disease that affected several peripheral nerves in the body. This caused him to suffer from muscle stiffness, which affected his speech and movement.

“It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of the caller and producer of Atlântida Marco Lazzarotto, known as Magro Lima, at 12:10 pm this Sunday (22).) from Moinhos de Vento Hospital since August 8. for complications from COVID-19.

Born March 13, 1979, Majro Lima graduated in Advertising from PUCRS and has worked since 2006 at Grupo RBS. He began his corporate career as a Marketing Analyst and later took on the challenges of Coordinator and Area Manager. He was a producer at Opus Entertainment between 2014 and 2016, when he returned to RBS to edit Infosfera, the Atlântida culture, games and technology blog. He was also responsible for Atlântida Software – he was currently a Producer and Interlocutor for Pretinho Basic.

In January, Magro shared with the public information that he is facing an unprecedented neurological disease that has affected many peripheral nerves in the body, causing muscle stiffness and affecting speech and movement.

The caller leaves his wife, Lisangela Pressler, and son Fernando, who turns 6 in October.

Grupo RBS, and especially Friends of Atlântida, express their solidarity with the Magro Lima family.”