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MC Gui, Tati, Rico or Sthe, who comes out?

MC Gui, Tati, Rico or Sthe, who comes out?

Those on the farm at Fazenda 2021 are MC Gui, Tati Quebra-Barraco Rico and Sthe, and they will need the public’s help. One of them will have the opportunity to get off the hot seat with a cultivator proof. But until then, vote in the poll A Fazenda 2021 and express your opinion: Which one should say goodbye to reality?

2021 farm survey

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Farm Poll 2021 – Who’s on the Farm?

MC GUI: Nominated by Farmer of the Week, Arcrebiano, funkeiro made his debut in Reality Fields. The pawn showed amazement with the sign

Rico: Once again, the field influencer was A Fazenda 2021. He was one of the most voted personal in the house and took the second seat after the farmer’s decision. He was banned from testing farms.

Tati Quebra-Barraco: funkeira is in the first park after Rico pulls him out of the bay.

Siti: The influencer has remained in the remainder of the first and will also face his first domain. He chose Dynho Mileide instead.

Here you can check out Part of the 2021 fiscal vote

which has already been eliminated

As of this week, five participants had already had the worst result in official polls and had been disqualified from Farm 2021, bidding farewell to the Millionaire Prize. Find out which participants have already been disqualified:

First week: Lesian Gutierrez was the first to leave confinement. The 35-year-old influencer is one of the most controversial names on the reality show, but he got the worst of it in a field against Nego do Borel and Solange Gomes.

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second week: The second cancellation of Fazenda 2021 was the result of the decision of Erica Schneider, who was the farmer at the time. She sent Mosonzinho into the spotlight claiming that the actor and Mossum’s son were sexist by not accepting his mandate in the house. He was eliminated by Diane Melo and Arcripiano.

the third week: Erica Schneider was the third eliminated. The former ballerina Faustau left her position as a farmer to sit on a lawn chair. She actually pissed off most of her participants, like Tati Quebra Barraco and MC Gui, and ended up taking the worst in the country against Dayane and Tiago.

fourth week: Actor Victor Pecoraro was the fourth to be excluded from Record TV’s reality. He was in the stall and ended up in the fields pulled by Aline Mineiro.

The fifth week: Larry Botino, Medrado’s replacement, was the fifth elimination from Fazenda 2021. The 23-year-old digital influencer got the worst result in the vote against Valentina Francavilla and Guy Araujo.

In addition, this year’s reality show has already seen one loss and one expulsion. In the first week, after some disputes at home and personal problems, Fernanda Medrado asked to leave Fasenda 2021 and leave the game. She was replaced by Larry Botino.

Days later, Nego do Borel was fired from the show after being accused of sexually harassing Dayane Mello. At the time, the Brazilian model was drunk and ended up spending the night with the singer. Unlike Medrado, the participant was not replaced.

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