May 18, 2024

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Rebecca Abravanel says Alexandre Patou has a fart mania

Rebecca Abravanel says Alexandre Patou has a fart mania

Rebecca Abravanel, 40, and Alexandre Pato, 32, were the featured guests of “Silvio Santos” tonight, and they spoke about their curiosity about their intimate married life. The broadcaster, who is the daughter of Silvio Santos and sister of Patricia Abravanel, left a player. football Embarrassed to talk about his identity from the wind and not wash his hair a lot.

In Four Seconds, Rebecca Abravanel gets asked about three of Alexandre Patou’s dribbles at home. Laughing, the announcer bursts into laughter as she talks about her husband’s obsession with farting.

Let her go out and let the others talk at the dinner table.

“That’s it, my love!” Is his fart good enough to handle or is it really smelly, Patricia Abravanel asked.

And the football player’s wife did not frighten her the negative reaction, revealing that her husband “accuses her of his love for the smell of flatulence.”

stay away. He says I love to smell fart. I get really angry because he likes to say “I’m going to fart”. There, don’t go out [do lugar] “You like to smell my fart,” he says.

Alexandre Bateau laughed at the story, but admitted that it was embarrassing. “I’m embarrassed now. Really!” He said.

exposed to talk, right?

In addition to talking about the fart obsession, Rebecca Abravanel also revealed that Alexandre Patou is not in the habit of washing his hair often. After he said he uses the shampoo daily, the announcer tried to negate it:

Comfort. Wow, the face of poker. He washes his hair once a month. I want to ask: “Love, wash your hair.” He has a cheek to talk shampoo.

“Why can’t you wash your hair?” The player’s wife’s sister asked curiously. Rebecca replied, “I don’t know. I think it’s because the hair is hairy.”

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Patricia Abravanel was upset without an answer, and asked Pato why her tresses had not been washed and heard her brother-in-law say that someone had told her that getting wet strands every day was bad for the hair.

I don’t know who said washing my hair too often wouldn’t look good. I don’t think I wash because I believe it.

“That hair you see there lasts about two months,” joked Rebecca. In a “four-second” and “three-track” frame struggle, Alexandre Pato beat Receive Abravanel and even hinted that he could return to play in Brazilian football.