May 29, 2024

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Record calls emergency meeting to reverse Bruno Beroca's resignation

Record calls emergency meeting to reverse Bruno Beroca’s resignation

Record ready to reverse Bruno Beroca’s resignation She called for a meeting next Wednesday (22), at the station’s headquarters, in São Paulo. The idea is to submit a counter-proposal to the presenter, who discovered his departure from the balance sheet of Manha on the Internet.

Peruka accepted the invitation and will travel from Parana to São Paulo with all costs paid by the station, ready to offer some chance options so that he does not leave the group.

One of the offers is to turn a journalist into a special reporter like this Just like they did with Andre Azerido, who “stole” from Globo to be an announcer for the late SP no Ar, but only spent five months in the role and ended up relegating the team.

If Peruka agrees, he will continue to operate from São Paulo and will join Celso Zocatelli on on-call staff rotation and alternatives to popular network TV news programmes.

Another idea of ​​the direction of the press is to put it on top on some prestigious program, such as Balanço Geral or Cidade Alerta, but in one of the arenas in Paraná, be it Curitiba or Maringa. If accepted, it will continue to be scheduled by matrix to cover vacation days, holidays, and the like.

As for his friends, Bruno Beroca does not rule out the possibility of saying goodbye to the record. For him, the Careless way to leave From the general balance sheet, Manha looked like a discredit and a minor issue for the station for her work. Report sought, Record did not comment until the completion of this text.

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new presenter

Journalist Eleandro Passaia, who until last week was the presenter of Tribuna da Massa, from Rede Massa, a subsidiary of SBT in Paraná that belongs to broadcaster Ratinho, is Balanço’s new presenter Geral Manhã. Geraldo Lewis will continue to have the attraction, at least for the next few months.

according to the news, Basaya will have his first chance in Sao Paulo, which made him change his settlement in Curitiba (PR) from the 20th of the month, and he will be on the air from 5:00 am to 7:00 am. Geraldo takes over at 7 in the morning and gets out at 8:30 in the morning.

Passaia’s arrival is yet another attempt by Record to improve their rates between 6am and 9am, when broadcaster Eder Macedo frequently loses to Primeira Impacto, of SBT. In time, the audience is between 2.0 and 3.0 points. Until 2016, the track was one of the few with which she easily beat Globo.