May 30, 2024

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Xuxa denies rumors that she made a pact with the devil: 'I won't have what I have'

Xuxa denies rumors that she made a pact with the devil: ‘I won’t have what I have’

Xuxa Meneghel (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

Xuza He spoke again of earlier rumors that she had made a ‘deal with the devil’. In an interview with the Youtube channel “Seja Eu”, the presenter said that she would not have realized everything she did if she had made such an agreement.

“I’ve heard some people say, early on: ‘She has a deal with the devil.’ A person who has a deal with the guy over there can’t even get a third of what I have, because that gives him so much power. I have a friendship and love relationship with the guy on the floor And he has me too. If not, Xuxa said, I wouldn’t have what I have.

In the chat, the Immortal Queen of Little People also responded about how she would like people to be remembered: “I wanted to be remembered as a victorious person who left her mark. Walking around the world without leaving anything for someone else must be a very bad thing. I think if you can make a difference Inside your house, or your neighborhood, or your city, or your building… and I think I left my mark on the world. If I could really remember that way, it would be very good,” she concluded.

Watch the full interview:

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