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Renato Rosso: Searches for singles and Legião Urbana have declined in recent years |  Song

Renato Rosso: Searches for singles and Legião Urbana have declined in recent years | Song

Renato Rosso’s songs on Legião Urbana and in his solo career were at the lowest popularity index on YouTube in 2021, the year the singer completes his 25th death.

Despite the decline in audience, the group’s most popular songs still garner tens of millions of hit songs annually, with the most notable being the trio “Pais e Filhos”, “Tempo lost” and “Faroeste caboclo”.

See the evolution of the research below On YouTube since 2008, the year the site started collecting data. At the end of the text, check out the 10 most listened to songs The last 12 months.

Attention dip Not exclusively on Legião, but in general among Brazilian rock bands, Today One of the least overheard styles on streaming charts. But the band’s legacy faces an additional difficulty: rights management.

The decline in recent years has come amid disagreements between Renato’s son, Giuliano Manfredini, and other members of Legião Urbana, Dado Villa-Lobos and Marcelo Bonfá, who have halted projects to reissue and publish the band’s recordings.

In 2015, the musicians said that Guiliano had not authorized a box containing material from the band’s debut album. In 2018, a re-release with the remnants of the second album was banned. “All this was rejected by Renato’s heir. I don’t have the patience to deal with it anymore,” Dado told Bim Parana.

When projects come to life, they tend to be reflected in the popularity of the songs. For example, the 2013 movie “We are so young” led to the most searches for the band’s songs since 2008.

“When there’s no product to release, there’s no promotion and marketing. Just like when you don’t release music for a series, for example,” says Chris Foscaldo, author of Legionary Discobiography (Ed. Leya).

“It’s still a very strong business, with a singer leaving such a legacy of followers. It’s hard to take that away from him and a memory dies. But there is a risk of fading out, the arrival of new generations and not knowing it,” says the researcher.

The 10 most viewed Legião Urbana videos of the past 12 months:

  1. “Fathers and Sons” – 26.4 million views
  2. “Lost Time” – 25.4 million views
  3. “Faroeste Caboclo” – 19.8 million views
  4. “Lost Time (Live)” – 18.4 million views
  5. “Vento No Litoral” – 12.4 million views
  6. “Indians” – 10.4 million views
  7. “Faroeste Caboclo (Acoustic)” – 9.21 million views
  8. “Eduardo E Mônica” – 9.17 million views
  9. “Fathers and Sons (Audio)” – 6.47 million views
  10. “Sira” – 6.36 million views

Top 10 most watched videos by Renato Rosso in the last 12 months: