June 22, 2024

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Renato Teixeira makes a cameo in 'Pantanal' and 'trembles' the web |  wet land

Renato Teixeira makes a cameo in ‘Pantanal’ and ‘trembles’ the web | wet land

🤠wet land Never tire of surprising and giving gifts to fans.

🤠 In this Monday class 5/16, Renato Teixeira He first appeared in a TV series at nine o’clock playing a pawn Kim.

🤠 Do you remember him? He was one of the squares believers Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmera) During the entourage of the old man small (Irandir Santos).

Renato Teixeira makes a private appearance in ‘Pantanal’ and the Internet gives me goosebumps – Photo: Globo

The character returned to the plot due to the death of Tiao, who completed the Three Pawns wet land In the first phase of the series.

After breaking the news of Tiao’s death to the father hollow (Jesuit Barbossa), Quim died in a very delicate scene: singing”pure friendship‘, from Renato’s repertoire.

🤠 Check out the scene in the video below!

Philo is shocked to be informed of Kim’s death as well.

Did you like the scene? Learn to sing the song in the video below!

learn to sing

Learn to sing “Honest Friendship” by Renato Teixeira

🤠 In the first stage, Renato Joyce gave life leonzio costumeAnd Fabio Nebbo interpreted tiao And Kim was under the responsibility Chico Teixeira.

🌿 Yes! Chico is the son of Renato.

🌿 Want more family ties with Teixeira’s family wet land? We have!

Renato is also a father Isabel Teixeirafor us Maria Broca.

🌿 This is a family of millions!

Chico, Isabel and Renato Teixeira: father and children in real life – Photo: clone / Instagram

📱💻 On social media, netizens were thrilled with the veteran’s private participation in the project.

The scene where Kim died singing Amizade Colorida hit the networks!

The scene where Kim dies singing Amizade Colorida has hit the networks! – Photo: Playback / Twitter

📺 You missed class? Check out the scenes!