June 16, 2024

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Residents' protest canceled

Residents’ protest canceled

After spending Bahia Banning the 16th Banana Festival in Theolandia MunicipalityIn the interior of the state, some city residents took to the streets to protest the decision and intercept the 349th kilometer of the BR-101. the singer country side Gusttavo Lima was one of the confirmed attractions.

In a video clip circulated on social media, dozens of people appeared shouting and saying “No party, no proof”, in addition to Gustavo Lima singing “Safir”, as Sertanejo is known.

The PRF (Federal Highway Police) was called up and according to agents, the track was released at 5 p.m.

A judge in Bahia today banned the Teolandia municipality from making transfers to companies and artists designated for the 16th Banana Festival, which will take place between 4 and 13 June.

According to the state prosecutor, the cost of the party exceeded 2 million R$, more than 40% of the municipality’s total spending on health last year. Of this amount, 704 thousand Brazilian real corresponds to the fee of Gustavo Lima, who will attend the event on Sunday (5).

In December, Theolandia was one of the cities affected by Heavy rain in Bahiaand secured nearly R$2.3 million from the federal government to deal with damage from floods and landslides.

“It is not possible for the same municipality that has reported needing assistance and resources to protect its residents from a natural disaster, even if it is experiencing a televised disaster situation throughout Brazil, within a few months, to hire artists with incompatible drawings. Dimensions, groups and needs of First class and the financial health of the municipality”, says promoter Cassia Perez Bezerra Cavalcante.

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In addition to Gusttavo Lima, the party will also hold concerts for four other artists whose fees exceed R$100,000: Unha Pintada (170,000 R$), Adelmário Coelho (120,000 R$), Marcynho Sensação (110,000 R$) and Kefi Johnny and Panda (R$) 100 a thousand).

If the municipality does not comply with Judge Luana Paladino’s decision, a fine equal to twice the contract value will be applied.

It also decided that Kolpa (the Bahia State Electricity Company) should immediately stop the supply of electricity to the venues where the concert will be held, and shut down the sound equipment intended for the performances.