June 16, 2024

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Poll indicates who's out today on the wall of Naty, Arthur and Bárbara TV News

Poll indicates who’s out today on the wall of Naty, Arthur and Bárbara TV News

The dispute over who is leaving BBB 22 (Globe) On the wall on Tuesday (15) is not as fierce as in other weeks. According to part of the survey, Barbara Heck At least 70% of the rejections must be eliminated in the fourth hot seat of the season.

persecuted in the last two Discord games and sermons they play alone, Arthur Agyar And Natalia Deodato They are in good spirits with the audience and tend to come back from another wall – this is the second, and the third.

in search of the newsWhich had received more than 332 thousand votes until the publication of this text, was rejected by Barbara by 81.20% of the readers. The second was the nail designer with 13.84% of the choices, and former Malhação closed the controversy with just 4.96%.

A partial UOL poll on BBB 22 has similar data: The model from Rio Grande do Sul is in first place, with 72.19% of more than 228,000 votes registered. Natalia 17.89% and Arthur 9.92%.

Participate in the vote and choose who will leave the dispute for 1.5 million R$ this Tuesday (15):


BBB 22: Who comes out on the fourth wall?

The surveys do not reflect the official data, which was recorded by Gshow, the official website of Big Brother Brasil. Without scientific value, opinion polls only depict the desire of the portion of the audience that pursues the reality show.

Remember the rejection on the BBB 22?

If she had more than 58% rejections, Barbara would replace Nayara Azevedo and would come out as the most rejected in BBB 22 so far, but to enter the rankings of the top ten percentages of the show in history, she would need more “hate” from the audience. See the list:

  1. Carol Konka – BBB 21: 99.17%
  2. Nego de – BBB 21: 98.76%
  3. HIV tube – BBB 21: 96.69%
  4. Patricia Let – BBB 18: 94.26%
  5. God’s blessing – BBB 18: 92.69%
  6. The project – BBB 21: 91.89%
  7. Anna Paula Costa – BBB 18: 89.85%
  8. Victor Hugo Teixeira – BBB 20: 85.22%
  9. Kerlin Cardoso – BBB 21: 83.50%
  10. thai poo – BBB 21: 82.29%
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