September 28, 2023

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Roberta revealed her 'Vector low game' after being eliminated by her rival TV News

Roberta revealed her ‘Vector low game’ after being eliminated by her rival TV News

after removing it from No Limit 6 (Globe) Written by Victor Hugo de Castro, Roberta Terra classified copywriter positions as “low game”. On Wednesday (25), the Director of Trade Marketing shared her outrage at the behavior of her ex-Tribo Lua companion.

“I’ve already noticed Victor’s game, I’ve already spoken Hadrian [Gannam] He thought that I had no idea. But Victor pulled people into a corner, cried, and made a strategy of asking not to vote, but then it ended up voting for the same person, or casting votes, as was the case with Adriano and Kamyla [Romaniuk]. Low game, which I would never do,” Roberta said in an interview published by Globo to the press.

In the Tuesday Episode (24) Roberta and Bruna Negerska They were tied in the Lua tribe’s vote on the Removal Gate. Therefore, the other members had to decide, by consensus, who would be disqualified. Since they could not make this decision, Fernando Fernandez conducted a lottery, and Castro was given the task of casting mining votes.

The executive also admitted that it had “not had the slightest connection” to the competitor. “It is not a game of affinity, but Victor, like the other participants, thought that he was on another reality show, which caused internal quarrels as if we were two tribes,” he analyzed.

“If the name of one of my allies is drawn in the gate, we will exclude every other subgroup, starting with Victor, Charles [Gama] and Ibogukan [Ícaro]But luck was not on my side and my allies became targets.”

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In Roberta’s view, ally Guza Rezê would be the next to be eliminated from Tribo Lua: “We had everything to fight for our characters, but we had great mutual admiration and together, a great warrior.”

“Unfortunately, watching from the outside, it will be the next moon to come out, especially after my gate gate. I can leave my encouragement to Rodrygo.” [Moraes] or Janaron [Uhãy], but they also came under my defense, becoming the target of the larger group. If it doesn’t work out with any of the three, I hope the Seol girls can unite and eliminate one by one on the moon, starting with Victor.”

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