May 26, 2024

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'Beyond Illusion': Nelsenio will be arrested thanks to a Duffy / Rafael hoax. Come to me around - come

‘Beyond Illusion’: Nelsenio will be arrested thanks to a Duffy / Rafael hoax. Come to me around – come

Davy will punch Nelcinio right after seeing him in bed with Doreen, who will be too weak because of the “love potion” thrown into her drink. Just naughty boy He will resist, making the magician fight him to avoid the worst. Meanwhile, Joachim will leave the room in search of the delegate. savior (Jorge Lucas).

However, Nelsenio will make threats:

“Let the deputy arrive, I’ll charge the two of trespassing! You and Quinzinho think you two are too smart. But when Isadora wakes up, I’ll make up some lie and you’ll believe me, it’s a potato!”

Davy will say: “From here he goes straight to Chilendro, Papa Vigo. He drugged Isadora and was taking advantage of her!”.

Davy (Rafael Vetti) will carry Nelcinio (Johnny Massaro) in “Beyond Illusion” – Photo: Globo

Nilsinho will say there’s no way Davi/Rafael can prove it, but the magician will open the match with him:

Showing the bottle of sleeping pills he bought, Davy will say, “That’s what you think. I met your seller!”

Nelsenio will be furious, and will be able to free himself, but in a magical gesture, Davy/Rafael will close his hands with handcuffs!

“What? How did you do that?” , would ask Nilsenio, and he did not understand anything!

Davy (Rafael Vetti) bids farewell to Isadora (Larissa Manuela) in Beyond Illusion – Photo: Globo

Before leaving, Davy / Rafael Isadora will kiss on the forehead:

“This damn thing will never bother you again. I can’t be here when the deputy arrives…” Davey/Rafael will say softly.

He will leave and take the cursed dog with him. When Vice Salvador arrives, Nelsenio will be found handcuffed and then taken away.

Offa! How much emotion, huh!

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