May 20, 2024

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Imagem de: Rockstar retira GTA Trilogy da PSN temporariamente; entenda

Rockstar removes GTA Trilogy from PSN temporarily; understand

Rockstar Games will be launched GTA trilogy Officially at 12:00 today (11), but some PlayStation 4 and PS5 players were able to access the game during the night, including in Brazil. Thanks to a PlayStation Store bug, the set was released from midnight, about 12 hours ahead of schedule.

To fix the problem, Rockstar Games had to take drastic action: The company pulled games from PS4 and PS5 stores. Until the official release at noon, the compilation is only listed as ‘Advertiser’ on the platform, with the option to only add the title to the Wishlist. As a result, new players were unable to purchase the game on Sony consoles.

GTA Trilogy sale temporarily suspended on PlayStationSource: PlayStation Network

The problem is the same that led to play leak One day before launch. Yesterday (10), players from Australia and New Zealand were able to play the trilogy across the PlayStation Network. It is worth noting that no modification to the system is required by the users, the PlayStation Store released the games very soon.

scheduled for release this afternoonAnd GTA trilogy It has versions for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles.

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