May 20, 2024

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Leaked!  Check out the details of the two new, unreleased Xbox exclusives

Leaked! Check out the details of the two new, unreleased Xbox exclusives

Two new Xbox exclusives are already in development!

through the site Windows CentralJes Corden, an Xbox Insider, has revealed details Two new Xbox exclusives Developed by Obsidian and Compulsion Games.

Obsidian entertainment game

Obsidian Entertainment, which is also developing The Outer Worlds 2, codenamed “regret“, and that according to from the inside, The game will take place in the 16th century in medieval Europe, and it should be Detective Who will investigate a murder that shocked society at the time, find the killer and punish him.

As expected in a detective game, you can accuse other characters in the game, who will try to lie or tell the truth. NS The dialogue will be very basic in the gameThen you have to pay close attention to the details to make the right decision. The game will also have a system Fertilizer Every decision is made, so it’s best to be very careful!

As expected, the focus will be on Pentiment Play more focused on Narrative from fighting. The game is being developed by a small team of twelve employees, but according to Grob (who “collaborated” in the article with Jez Corden) it could be released. Next yearThe team is already working on the gameplay.

Conquer games

Compulsion Games, known by We Happy Few, some details have already been revealed, such as some concept images, but now from the inside Other news revealed. The game known asmidnight‘, the focus will be on him, too NarrativeAnd it will be complete third person.

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The game will focus on A darker world, with great inspiration in the southern parts of South America, with a lot of Gothic style. The game will have a lot of magic and big animals, and the confrontation of the story will be very powerful. Check out some of the concept art posted on the site:

compulsion midnight art wink

Unfortunately, the game does not have a “release date” like Obsidian’s, however, from the inside Guess the game will be revealed In up to two yearsIt may be released during that time.

There are many other games being developed for Xbox

Remember that there Several other games “Secrets” being developed for Xbox, such as the supposed game in partnership with Hideo Kojima, Kolbat Project, which is developed by inXile Entertainment, and Indus ProjectSid Meier’s Civilization God Game Dragon Project, from IO Interactive and more.

With these projects being developed “in secret”, the Xbox has More than 20 exclusive games For this generation, it shows that Microsoft is very busy in the gaming world.

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