February 29, 2024

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Rodrigo Mossi is "more active" and exercising

Rodrigo Mossi is “more active” and exercising

Diogo Mossi, brother of Rodrigo Mossi, former participant in “BBB 22″ (TV Globo), shared on social media that family members are continuing to improve and are already doing rehabilitation exercises.

“Happy Rod, more energetic, moving around the room and doing the exercises. Our warrior continues to fight to rehabilitate him. Rod will need patience and a lot of will (which he always had). One day, let’s reach the goal, which is full recovery. Let’s go. together! “

hospitalized since March 31, Rodrygo remembered yesterday the final between Sao Paulo against PalmeirasWhat happened before he had a car accident. But he still does not remember the incident itself.

on Wednesday (20), The former participant in the reality show was discharged from the intensive care unit (Intensive Care Unit) after about three weeks.

the incident

The accident involving the former participant of “BBB 22” occurred around 3 am on March 31, in Marginal Pinheiros, near the Eusébio Matoso Bridge, in São Paulo.

Rodrygo was returning from the Cicero Pompeo de Toledo, better known as Morumbi, where he watched the first game of the Paulista Championship final. The application car in which the previous BBB crashed into the back of a truck and would have been thrown towards the front of the car.

The car driver, Kaique Faustino Reis, and the truck driver performed alcohol meter, but both were negative. The beating was recorded as a guilty bodily injury and it is up to the former BBB family members to file a criminal complaint to continue investigations.

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