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In honor of the strongholds, Mangueira presents the problems in Sapucaí |  Today on the foliage

In honor of the strongholds, Mangueira presents the problems in Sapucaí | Today on the foliage

Mangera praised Kartola, Jamilao and the delegateClipper Mendes / Agência O Dia

Posted on 04/23/2022 00:21 | Updated on 04/23/2022 00:31

RIO – Samba School II Entered Sabucai on Friday, bringing Mangueira to the Avenue in honor of three great figures in its history: Cartola, Jamilao and Dindado. With a plot signed by Leandro Vieira, Verde e Rosa once again showcased a beautiful aesthetic standard in Sapucaí. Drums were also a highlight of the group. However, the association had some problems in terms of symbols, props, samba-enredo and evolution that could compromise the evaluation with the judges. In the final part of the show, translator Marquinhos Art Samba felt ill and had to be present in the healthy car.

In his sixth parade as artist for the Mangueira Carnival, he brought Leandro Vieira to Sapucaí in honor of three great figures in the school’s history. Jamelão, who was the club’s translator for seven decades, Cartola, one of the greatest composers in the history of Brazilian music and the school’s composer, and Dindado, who was the club’s director for four decades.

Known for his good aesthetic taste, Leandro Vieira once again brought Mangueira to Sapucaí. The school pleased those who were present at the Sambadrome. However, the Federation icons have drawn attention due to their small size compared to recent rallies for the association that won the title in 2019 and returned to the champions in 2020. Additionally, one of the school’s cars had trouble lighting in front of it. judges.

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Another positive point was the school’s front committee, which showed that fashion designers are distinguished by honorable personalities. It was a moment of great emotion at Sabukai. The drums of Mr. Wesley also sounded on the boulevard. With improvisations and pauses, “Tem que respect meu tamborim” thrilled the audience several times in Sapucaí. In addition, Mateus Oliverio and Squeal Georgi, the spouses in the main room and flag bearer, correctly performed their duties before the jury.

In addition to the smaller shape of the floats and the problem of the unlit car, another negative point of the Mangueira parade was the samba-enredo. Much criticism was made before the show, and the samba really failed to elevate the Sapucaí, in contrast to the past few years, when Verde e Rosa brought to the Avenue acts that made the audience go off and sing from end to end. There are still some development issues that could jeopardize the school with the judges.