October 4, 2023

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Samsung’s new product is pokeball that charges headphones

Samsung decided to invent and release a cover that holds headphones in the shape of a Pokeball. The product carries Galaxy Buds 2 and is available for sale in South Korea only. However, Poké Balls should soon conquer local markets elsewhere in the world.

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Pokeball charges Samsung headphones

A curiosity of the new product from Samsung is that it comes with 11 exclusive stickers from the Pokémon series. One of the stickers is randomly placed inside the box. Pokémon Mews will have its own 3D version, which will be present in only 5% of all items sold to a wide audience.

Although it carries Galaxy Buds 2, Poké Ball is able to connect to other branded headphones. It can charge Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Live. South Korean consumers can now take a closer look at the can with the theme.

When will the product arrive in Brazil?

There are still no expectations for Poké Balls carrying headphones to be released in other countries, including Brazil.

The price of the product in Korea is 134,000 won, which is close to 520 BRL if converted directly. The standard version of the product costs R $ 539 in the national market.

Truth be told, the Brazilian audience is one of the most enthusiastic about Pokemon. Certainly, this cartoon-themed headphone case can win the hearts of domestic consumers.

At the moment, it is necessary to find ways to import goods directly from South Korea. By the way, it is worth noting that the Samsung brand is the best seller in terms of mobile phones and their official accessories here. Most Brazilians use branded cell phones and are willing to purchase useful and unique products that Samsung can make available as an accessory.

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