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Santos adopts caution and tries to overcome disagreements to bring in Ricardo Goulart - 07/01/2022

Santos adopts caution and tries to overcome disagreements to bring in Ricardo Goulart – 07/01/2022

the Santos He adopts caution and rates the negotiations as difficult, but he is already far from signing Ricardo Goulart, a free attacking midfielder in the market after leaving Guangzhou, China.

Goulart’s initial rank was high and far above Peixe’s possible level. As a result, Santos thought In a more complex proposition to try to impress the player.

the UOL Sports It found that Peixe offered R$500,000 in fixed salary, with variables in marketing actions. Ricardo Goulart will be the poster boy and will receive a portion of symbolic saleIn addition to earning rewards for selling T-shirts bearing his name, for example. He was wearing a 10 and wanted guarantees for those ad increases.

Goulart got a millionaire salary in football The Chinese agreed to lower the play value of Peixe, but the terms and conditions still differed. Santos believes he can overcome this imbalance in the coming days. The amount of 500,000 Brazilian riyals will not be increased with difficulty, however, the club is considering alternatives such as bonuses for the goals achieved. Those close to the player say that “the project will be more decisive than the money.”

Negotiations are being conducted by Football Executive Director Edo Dracina, with the assistance of President Andres Rueda. Goulart’s manager is Paulo Betumbera, who is also responsible for coach Fabio Carrell’s career. Edu has freedom from the board of directors to appoint within budget, but since it’s a proposal that also includes the marketing department, he’s spoken with the management committee.

Dracaena argued about Ricardo Goulart’s good technical performance over the past few years and showed positive information about the 30-year-old athlete’s physical condition. The directors accepted the offer and are now awaiting the outcome of the negotiations.

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Goulart became a top priority for Santos after being frustrated by Nathan, on loan from Atletico MG to me Fluminense. O Peixe was convinced of the employment and He even exchanged documents with Gallo. Now, even to avoid expectations from the fans, the club is avoiding any public comment regarding Ricardo Goulart. .

Goulart had been without a club since November, when he split from Guangzhou. His last game was in August, and he will be taking advantage of pre-season to find himself physically. Last season, he scored seven goals in 13 matches with the Chinese Super League. The Santos list will reappear next Sunday (9).

Riccardo Goulart negotiated with Fluminense recently, but the Rio club withdrew from the contract at the end of December. His last visit to Brazil was in Palm trees, in 2019. Sea tripHe was a two-time champion of Brazil in 2013 and 2014 and was called up to the Brazilian national team.