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SPFC Announces Sleeve Sponsorship And Watch Test Calling Morumbi Rights - 07/01/2022

SPFC Announces Sleeve Sponsorship And Watch Test Calling Morumbi Rights – 07/01/2022

Today (7) Sao Paulo announced the sponsor that will occupy the last available space on the jersey. The club has struck a three-year deal with cryptocurrency firm Bitso to fill the sleeve. The values ​​have been kept confidential, but UOL Esporte has found that Morumbi will receive 13.5 million Rls annually.

During the press conference, São Paulo’s director of marketing, Eduardo Toni, announced that the partnership would go beyond the branding stamped on the shirt. Even without confirming all the actions, the director said that Bitso will have its own space at Morumbi Stadium and fans will be able to purchase Campeonato Paulista tickets with cryptocurrency.

“It’s important to say that when we make this service available, we’ll have an explanation, support, and tutorial to help fans. Since it’s something new, it needs to be done,” explained the director of marketing.

Officially, the club is treating the partnership as a “test drive”. When questioned, Eduardo Toni confirmed the possibility that the agreement with Pizzo would, in the future, evolve into the Morumbi naming rights. Sao Paulo is the only one of Sao Paulo’s competitors whose stadium name has not been sold.

“This is a relationship,” said Tony. “Of course we have the right sector, we’re doing a test drive. It would be a dream to have a stadium with a big brand name like Betso.” Beatrice Oliveira, director of Bitso, followed.

Sao Paulo now has all the spaces on the shirt full of sponsors. In addition to Bitso on the sleeves, Sportsbet.io is emblazoned below the icon, while Gazin is featured on the back strap, Roku on the shoulder area, and Socios.com above the shield. In shorts, São Paulo still features ABC da Construção, Cimentos Cauê and Cartão de Todos brands.

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