May 19, 2024

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Scientists discover endurance ship 107 years after it sank in Antarctica  Lovely

Scientists discover endurance ship 107 years after it sank in Antarctica Lovely

The ship is incredibly well preserved. And this discovery could shed new light on what happened on one of the most famous expeditions ever. An adventure turned into a battle for life on the frozen continent.

Imperial Expedition Across Antarctica

Endurance is a symbol of endurance, but it is also a symbol of glorious failure. At the beginning of the last century, others have already reached the poles. Then Shackleton planned for Imperial Expedition Across Antarctica.

The idea was to cross the frozen continent overland in a two-thousand-kilometer walk. How do you walk from Sao Paulo The Macy’sThey only travel on the eternal ice of Antarctica and with technology a century ago.

But the ship carrying the expedition could not even reach the starting point. The Weddell Sea froze and trapped Endurance in a deathly embrace.

Shackleton and the crew remained aboard the ship, waiting for the ice to thaw so they could go home. Treacherous currents were dragging the ship on an involuntary journey that lasted ten months. Every day, the ice claws tightened their grip on the reinforced wooden endurance hull, until it broke and sank.

Then another four months of heroic adventure began, walking on ice and sailing the dangerous seas of Antarctica. In the end, Ernest Shackleton was able to save his entire team, and no one was left behind.

All endurance drama was captured by the mission’s official photographer, Frank Hurley.

“When we saw the stamina, with the wood still fully preserved, it was exciting,” said campaign leader Nico Vincent.

As for the rest of Endurance, nothing will change after this week’s discovery. The shipwreck is protected by the Antarctic Treaty and is a historical monument. It cannot be moved.

This is where Expedition’s cutting edge technology comes in – sensors in self-driving vehicles capture videos and photos with pinpoint accuracy. Scanner draw everything.

Soon explorer reveals, We’ll have some kind of three-dimensional mockup. Researchers from all over the world will be able to walk around the stamina clones and study every detail as if they were there.

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