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The blockade threatens Russian billionaires immersed in the world of football - Jesse Carvalho

The blockade threatens Russian billionaires immersed in the world of football – Jesse Carvalho

(Photo: Ben Stansal/AFP – 21/5/2017)

Roman Abramovich, who is considered one of the most powerful billionaires in the world, could be destroyed by Russia’s war against Ukraine. Identified as a friend and partner of President Vladimir Putin, Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea, all of his assets in England, where he lives, including his powerful yacht, the Eclipse, and today’s “poor man” have been frozen. English sanctions hit the owner and his club, Chelsea, the current European and world champions, who could not deposit a penny in their accounts and could not even sell club products in the store and tickets for their matches.

Have you seen how every illegally built empire can collapse? Abramovich, hitherto untouchable in his jets, helicopters and yachts, is now considered an enemy of the West. After being accused of corruption in Russia itself, the owner of Chelsea FC, like many other billionaires, arrived in England decades ago. I remember the 2008 Champions League final in Moscow between Chelsea and Manchester United. United were champions on penalties, but the details weren’t Chelsea’s loss, but how Abramovich arrived on the field. He went on his plane to Moscow. He got off at the airport, took a helicopter and went to the studio, staying in an armored cabin. The match ended and he returned to England in the same way. The news is that your enemies in Russia want to assassinate you.

Roman Abramovich, as a strong and stocky man, enjoyed all the privileges that the English government gave him, because it generated resources for the country. Now, with the war, the enemy of the British, since he became one of Putin’s best friends. It remains to be seen whether everything will return to normal at the end of the war for him and the other Russian billionaires whose accounts have been frozen. This is the problem of world football. When billionaires take action to identify themselves and make shady deals. Take the case of the Qatari prince, the owner of Paris Saint-Germain, who has been accused by the Swiss prosecutor’s office of profiting from purchases of World Cup rights for 2026 and 2030. Trailhardreau could stop behind bars at any time. And Abramovich, who could not even sell Chelsea, because the British court prevented him. What will happen to him and his club?

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Coach Tite has called up the Brazilian national team for the last two matches of the South American qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar. Guilherme Arana, the best left-back in Brazil, has been called up again. Titi will take the opportunity to conduct more experiments, because the list, according to him, is not closed. I do not agree with the call-up of Marquinhos, who does not spend a good time at PSG, but Tite trusts him and Thiago Silva. Arthur’s return isn’t due, but Richarlison’s return is worth it. Finally, Gabriel Jesus was left out, because the striker had not gone well for a long time. There were a lot of good people on the offensive, especially the young people who participated in the Tokyo Olympics, where Jesus lost ground. It remains to be seen how Neymar will act after his elimination in the Champions League. He had plans to win the competition and travel to the Qatar Cup. I admire the opportunities that Tite has given young values, which match their heights.

Sea trip

In the past three years, Cruzeiro fans have asked me what I think of the team and whether it will go up. I was honest, as always, and said no, because I didn’t have the team, body and soul to do it. I think so already this season, because the team has recovered and now has a structure, a game plan and a smart, ready coach. Youngsters face the toughest competitors on an equal footing, and that was featured in the classics last Sunday. In the conversation I had with Roberto Carlos in Madrid, I was more confident, as he was next to Ronaldo Finmino on the project, ensuring that a lot of good things were to come. Stay tuned, blue fan.

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