June 21, 2024

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Scooby and the PA target Jesse, Larissa and Lina for the wall

Scooby and the PA target Jesse, Larissa and Lina for the wall

I’m already thinking about the next wall, and The duo won the race of leader Paulo Andre and Pedro Scobe List some of the names they could send to the hot seat on Sunday atBBB 22″ (TV Globo). Before that, The surfer explained that if he had a choice, he would give the captain to his friend.

“Do you have anyone running for the wall?” asked Scooby. PA . analysis

“There’s a list there.. well, there’s Lena, Jesse…” the athlete continued, explaining his options.

Then Scobey said he thought of Larissa Tomasia:

That’s what I’ve been thinking about so far, like, she’s a sweetheart, but she was very comfortable. I entered the room in the network of friends and stayed in the protectionAnd the Pedro Scooby.

“Larissa? It’s also on my list,” the PA agreed. “At least, the other girls took the risk and fought head-on. They voted..” said the surfer.

Scobey analyzed: “Gustavo was a man who came and everyone turned their backs on the man and then turned just because he came back from the wall.”

The Palestinian Authority agreed, “That’s it, brother.”

After the endurance test, who should be the leader: Paolo Andre or Scooby?

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