June 23, 2024

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BBB22: Slovenia returns to treat Linn da Quebrada in live males, netizens ask about Globo's position;  Watch

BBB22: Slovenia returns to treat Linn da Quebrada in live males, netizens ask about Globo’s position; Watch

repeatedly?! This Thursday (24), Slovenia And the Lyn da Quebrada Efforts have been made to test the leader. However, the “partnership” between the two turned from bad to worse when the Pernambuco native, once again, referred to the artist as a man. The scene sparked a revolution and discussions on the networks, and Internet users demanded that TV Globo take action against the participant.

The moment in question came when Slovenia asked Lina to give her the pieces of the puzzle in the correct order. When addressing the artist, the sister should have used the word “friend”. However, Lucas Bisoli’s relationship used the word in the masculine. “My friend, you have to give me the right side,” Sister warned.

The video of the scene spread on the Internet and provoked outrage, as it is not the first time that the sister has made mistakes of the kind with the singer. However, it is not yet known whether Lin da Quibrada actually heard the speech.

On social media, comments on the topic were diverse. Journalist Fernando Oliveira, better known as “Vivito,” pointed out Buzzfeed Transphobia. “I was struck by how a BBB participant simply pretends that nothing is happening, and doesn’t bother talking on networks about dangerous episodes like today. One of two things: you either agree to a transphobic attitude or you live in Narnia,” Posted on Twitter. “And I’m talking about the people involved in the same story. Lucas’ supervisor at least had the nobility of apologizing – even if it was outsourced, that’s a thing, an appreciation”he added.

at starting columnfrom UOL, Fefito asked to enter Globo TV Not only with Slovenia, but with all the brothers and sisters who made the same mistake. “Even if Lina does not bear such obvious feminine marks on her body, she deserves to be treated in the way that proves her existence.” he wrote. “(…) In the middle of 2022, with our country killing the most transvestites in the world, transphobia cannot be treated as entertainment. There is no point in telling the public what is going on, and allowing prejudice inside the home to continue. There is serious interference from the production side. After five weeks of living together, it is unacceptable that Slovenia continues to treat Lena as a male, “ Highlights of Oliveira.

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In addition to the journalist, the scene angered many netizens. “I thought I was crazy, because I’m a sucker. But I’m not crazy. Slovenia called Lina a ‘friend’ live. This is pure evil, there is no other name for what this unfortunate woman does”, Shoot the scenes. “Oh no, what’s the matter man? What’s the problem with Slovenia calling Lynn thousands of times in the masculine pronoun? “He,” “a friend”… the man, the woman has a “HER” tattoo on her forehead!!!And the second tart. “I can’t believe Slovenia called Lena a ‘friend’ again! Live, during testing. Oh my God, that’s enough, time to learn. Lena deserves respect!” Third Books.

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Others dismissed the error and stated that the problem would be in the pronunciation of the Pernambuco native. “The point that will come is that they will have to slow down Eslô to understand that she did not say ‘amigo’, as she says ‘amiga tu’, very quickly and tangledly”, One Internet user noted. “I heard a friend also, she speaks very quickly and in her accent,” Another agreed.

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Studio Schmidt condemns the brothers’ stance

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Just yesterday (24), Thaddeus Schmidt Talk about this issue a second time. “Yes, Lena killed Junior. But we’ve been following since the beginning of the season some participants using the wrong gender to refer to Lena. Using masculine words. This has happened a few times. Lena has always taken it lightly and corrected the staff, but she was so upset yesterday,” He spoke.

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After that, the broadcaster displayed the wrong Lucas Bisoli – who also addressed the singer in a masculine manner – and grieved for Lina about what is constantly happening. However, the version excluded the singer’s tense conversation with Slovenia, who tried to “soften” the error, and even covered the artist’s mouth. “I was wrong with you, a little while ago, I knew. But I want you to know that I know that it tires me, that it hurts, you said it to me at first when I made a mistake”, said the Pernambuco woman.

Slovenia took the opportunity to thank Lin da Quebrada for welcoming her, and the singer responded: “And when will they welcome me? When will my pain be worth anything? Because every time they do, it is as if they are ignoring my existence. Do you know what this is? Perhaps you will know if you look at me”.

So far, Globo has not responded to viewers’ requests for intervention, nor has it commented on what happened.

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