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Scooby gets angry at Luciano during the conversation

Scooby gets angry at Luciano during the conversation

Gathered on the balcony of a houseBBB 22″ (TV Globo), the participants are back to talk About the formation of the first wall of the season, which put Nayara Azevedo, Luciano and Natalia at odds with the audience’s preference.

Immunized after the counter-coup in their countryLuciano repeatedlyHe commented with his brothers on his dream of becoming famous. However, a conversation left participant Thiago Abravanel and Pedro Scobe visibly angry.

Then the ex-husband of Luana Biovanni commented that everyone has a dream. “the guy [Douglas Silva] Make one of the biggest Movies Brazil [“Cidade de Deus”], he could have chosen anyone as a VIP, but you chose you.”

He continued, “He has a dream of helping the community that is going through situations that you can’t even imagine, and this does not make his dream bigger than others.” Then surfer also mentioned influencer Jade Picon, who participated in the conversation.

“She’s been working for as long as she can remember, isn’t she worth?” question.

Then the brother began to advise Luciano to stop stressing his dreams so much. “Everyone has dreams, I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t have dreams here, you have to understand that [Naiara] he can Yes go in worryDepression, you don’t know how serious what you’re going through, you have to stop thinking only about yourself. We support you and you haven’t called.”

Arthur continued the participant’s speech, saying: “I I think that He wants to tell you not to put your dream as the most important thing.”

Still angry, Scooby returns to challenge Luciano’s motives.

You dream of being famous but another manSuddenly, you may have a dream of helping another person in need, or setting up a social enterprise in a favela where you will help millions of children. Or, who knows, reverse a story that will help a lot of people’s lives. Therefore, like everyone has his dream. Nobody is more or less important. Pedro Scooby

Thiago completed the participant’s speech: “It can’t be.”

“Do you know what doesn’t make sense? They think in the heads of non-famous people, think of that The celebrity is worth less. do you know why who – which? because Everyone has his dream. Everyone deserves it, otherwise the show will be just non-famous people. It’s divided because they’re famous people who have other dreams, too.”

Scooby then concluded: “I’ve talked to everyone here, and I think I’m the only one who lives the experience the most. [Lucas] You want to be educated, sometimes you do not know the dimensions of a person’s dream. ”

Luciano tried to explain himself: “Well, well, let’s say, with a random example here. If Jade had taken Paolo after him?”

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The sister quickly interrupted the embattled example. “You won’t attract me anywhere, this s **** He said in a joking tone.

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