May 26, 2024

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Silvio Santos (Foto: Reprodução/YouTube)

Silvio Santos takes action with fans, is acquired and gives order

He got in the front of the car and refused to take pictures with the fans

Presenter and owner SBTAnd Silvio Santossurprised last Thursday (12), at the door jasa, in Sao Paulo. He went to the venue to add a pop of color and bring back his traditional hairstyle. Video released by Na Telinha

Arriving at the venue, a group of fans eagerly waited for the presenter to take a picture or say a few words. When the presenter arrived, one of Silvio’s followers warned that the one who got out of the car was the driver of the communicator. Then Silvio Santos got out of the car and headed to the saloon door.

“What do you want to do?” asked Silvio Santos. Fans replied that they wanted to meet him. Wasting no time, Silvio Santos entered the establishment to fulfill his commitment to Jassa, with whom he has been friends for more than 40 years.


Leaving the salon, Silvio Santos showed up with his restyled hairstyle, as you can see whenever he appears on SBT. Then the fans were warned that they were organizing a queue for the photo they dreamed of with the Brazilian TV star, but received Silvio’s refusal. “It’s not possible,” the lieutenant colonel said as he got into the car quickly.

A fan in a white coat approached Silvio Santos to insist on the photo. However, the famous asked the driver to close the car door.

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Silvio Santos refused to take a picture with fans (Image: montage)
The presenter refused to take a picture with the fans (Image: montage)

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