June 21, 2024

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Sertanego tells Bruno why Marilia Mendonca broke up with Murillo Hoff

Sertanego tells Bruno why Marilia Mendonca broke up with Murillo Hoff

According to the singer, the reason for the end of the relationship was family quarrels. Marilia’s mother denies this.

Singer Bruno, from the duet with Maroon, made a reveal on Wednesday (10), leaving Marilia Mendonca fans with a flea behind her ear.

In a video posted on Kwai, and spread on social media, the citizen said that his last meeting with the singer, who died on 26 after the plane crash in which she crashed in Karatinga, Minas Gerais state, was private. They were together the day before the accident, on the fourth, on the birthday of Marilia’s mother, Ruth Moreira.

Bruno even sang to both of them at the time. He commented, “Being able to sing for both was a gift from God. This was the biggest madness that ever happened in my life. God used me, God used me.”

But the big revelation was yet to come. The citizen said that the real reason for the end of Marilia Mendonca’s relationship with Murillo Hoff: family differences.

“Is he there [Marília] I love her mother very much. She loved very much … She still loves, because I believe in the afterlife, and that she did everything for her mother. She even said privately, quite in my ear, that she had left the boy because he was facing his mother. “No, no one can fight my mother and no one will take her,” she said.

However, Ms. Roth has publicly stated her denial of any family feud. According to a note from Marília Mendonça’s advisors, Ms. Ruth asks them to stop creating intrigues and squabbles that don’t even exist. She will even share custody of little Leo, who is 1 year and 10 months old, with her daughter’s ex-husband.

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